Phase 1 ~ Raising The Funds

Raising Funds

Phase 2 ~ Purchasing The Land 20 Acres minimum

Edentia raised enough funds to purchase 10 acres of land in this beautiful valley,
and we are now in the process of acquiring another 20 acres of adjoining land.

Purchasing The Land

Location: Lake Elsinore CA
Land Ownwer: Christ Michael & Mother Spirit
Held in trust by Edentia Inc for the future benefit
of Our Spiritual Family & the Next Celestial Visitation

Phase 3 ~ Enhancing the Natural Environment

Garden Temple
Garden Temple

Creating beautiful spaces for social gatherings, group worship and meditation

Phase 4 ~ The Retreat Center

Retreat Center

Phase 5 ~ Organic Farm & Citrus Grove

Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetable Garden

Phase 6 ~ Campground, Glamping & RV Resort


Phase 7 ~ To be Revealed